Authenticity – the key to unlocking the greatest Customer Experiences? Featuring case studies from Weleda and Old Mutual Zimbabwe


The global banking crisis and enormity of the PPI mis selling scandal have all contributed to what could only be described s a TOXIC culture in the corporate world. CASE STUDY 1 – Weleda. In this case, I was inspired by them. CASE STUDY 2 – Old Mutual Zimbabwe.

Digital banking entrants wary of losing the human connection


In their drive to be digitally relevant and hold market share, both traditional and digital banks run the risk of losing customers by reducing human interaction. Case Studies

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How Barclays’ obsession with happy customers started with data


For Barclays, the London-based multinational banking and financial services company, the answer is all the time, The post How Barclays’ obsession with happy customers started with data appeared first on ForeSee. Case Stories Financial Services Barclays Case Studies clients

Intersecting Viral Marketing With Emotional Customer Connection: TD Bank’s ‘Home Run’

Beyond Philosophy

My example is TD Bank, where viral communication meets real, and valued, experience delivery on a personalized, and deeply emotional, level. The mini-documentary TD Bank created about the campaign has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube. – Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

10 Proven Champion-Challenger Optimizations To Improve CX


But how can you afford to constantly try out new practices without breaking the bank? It can be a challenge keeping up with ever-changing customer demands. Consumer trends shift from one year to the next, and so must your communication plan.

Customer Centric Action Plans


Barclays’ personal performance reviews include a strategic satisfaction index, which includes a retrospective 3-month comparison to other banks and continuous improvement of the customers’ top ten wish list. Customer Centric Action Plans Lynn Hunsaker.

You Are Known by Your Works

Chip Bell

Many years ago, I worked for the president of a bank famous for aggressive bank acquisitions and rapid growth in the financial services space. The bank ultimately became the Bank of America and the president became the B of A CEO. When the bank purchased Barnett Bank, the largest bank in Florida, McColl commissioned the construction of a large high rise bank building in Tampa which the locals called the “Beer Can Building.”

Customer Centricity Masterclass with Doug Leather

Peter Lavers

The masterclass was brilliantly delivered by Doug Leather and included practical case studies & examples of best practice and animated discussions. The importance of a robust business case based on REAP uplifts. Metro Bank “stupid bank rules”).

Delivering Unique, Attractive (Even Branded) Customer Experience Lagniappe: Any Company Can Do This

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4) Where customers and experience are concerned, think ‘human’, i.e. TD Bank’s “Bank Human Again” marketing campaign. I’ve written about Vernon Hill, who founded Commerce Bank in the U.S. and Metro Bank in the U.K. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

The 20 Stakeholder Experience Emotions: Which Are Most Positive and Value-Enhancing, and Which Are Most Negative and Value-Destroying?

Beyond Philosophy

4) Where customers and experience are concerned, think ‘human’, i.e. TD Bank’s “Bank Human Again” marketing campaign. I’ve written about Vernon Hill, who founded Commerce Bank in the U.S. and Metro Bank in the U.K. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

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Book Notes: Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman


And finally, the highlight of the book — dozens and dozens of real-world case studies from companies up and down the revenue spectrum, each illustrating a particular phase of the customer experience. 32% of customers who join a bank will leave within the first year.

Key Learning from 15 Years of Net Promoter Stats

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In their 15th annual Net Promoter Benchmark Study, he gave a great presentation of some really interesting stats on NPS. According to Rocks, the following brands do simple to success: Boost Mobile: They have the highest NPS in the mobile service study, performing 33 points higher than Sprint, who own Boost and provides their infrastructure. If you enjoyed this post, you might be interested in the following blogs: Case Study: Increase Your Sales by 47% By Doing This….

The talk of tomorrow: 7 ideas to evolve your contact centre


But making an effort to excel will hold onto customers for years, while allowing you to deliver first-class service without breaking your bank. Watch our case study with Stannah to see how they solved this challenge.

How to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Service With Your Contact Centre

CSM Magazine

The trends and challenges impacting contact centre people, processes and technology, illustrated with case studies and in-depth Interviews with customer service leaders.

A Call Center with more Bang for your Buck

Cisco - Contact Center

After joining forces with an established bank, Mcredit reached a tipping point: They needed to upgrade their call center to handle a growing customer base. Check out our new partner case studies page for more stories like this one. Partner Success Story. When your goal is to help people take care of their finances, you need fast, trustworthy solutions.

2018 Customer Contact Innovation Awards Shortlist Announced

CSM Magazine

Sainsburys Bank – Developing a culture of innovation. As Ian Gibson, Director of Shared Services at Ingeus and one of the judging panel, puts it, these are “very interesting case studies and best practice that I can learn from”.

Humans vs. AI in Customer Service … It’s Complicated


As a closing note, consider this story from last month, in Bloomberg, about global bank HSBC: Why Banks Are Giving Tellers Raises, Instead of Firing Them All. Conventional wisdom is that the job [of bank teller] – held by almost a half-million Americans – is entering a sharp decline.

AI is Not Reducing Call Center Agent Employment


So, there is no direct impact – at least via this use case – on the call center world. An agent could be a bank teller, a nurse, or a computer technician. Successful Cases Studies.

From The Field: Oracle CX Conference 2016 Report

Natalie Petouhof

Mark spoke about his own frustration with the financial institution he banks with and their calls to him about his account. He explains every time they call him, in detail, what the issue is, yet the bank still calls him with the same question.

Looking for NPS in all the Wrong Places


Imagine your employees having NPS scoring and the ability to respond at the moment to an upset customer while standing in line at the bank on their mobile device. . You can instantly find your advocates with NPS (case study opportunities, references, and overall happy customers).

Boosting fundraising through a joined-up experience - how Charities Aid Foundation is benefiting from AI


Essentially, we help people and businesses support the causes they care about, and for charities, we provide simple and straightforward day-to-day banking and fundraising services. To find out more on how CAF is successfully using Eptica read our case study here.

Enterprise Connect 2017: Contact Center Round-up

NICE inContact

Case Studies: Contact Center Strategies for Skype for Business Deployments Representatives of two companies that have deployed contact centers that integrate with Skype for Business, from HarborOne Bank and 7-Eleven, joined me to discuss their implementations.

Live Chat Features, Benefits & Pricing: Understanding Why CS Experts Emphasis its Use

ProProfs Blog

It is a great way to equally distribute the workload among all your chat operators and not letting them feel slumped in case the chat volume rises. #4 However, this isn’t possible in the case of phone calls.

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Humans vs. AI in Customer Service … It’s Complicated


As a closing note, consider this story from last month, in Bloomberg, about global bank HSBC: Why Banks Are Giving Tellers Raises, Instead of Firing Them All. Conventional wisdom is that the job [of bank teller] – held by almost a half-million Americans – is entering a sharp decline.

14 Real Life Chatbot Examples to Implement your Bot Strategy

REVE Chat Blog

Some of the successful chatbot examples and case studies implemented by big brands show that customers are willing to interact with bots if done correctly. Hence following a right bot strategy and tailoring your chatbot to meet your use case plays an important role in overall customer experience. Chatbots are no more restricted to enterprises and different business verticals but it has significant use cases for consumers as well.

Transform or Die! Business Transformation is No Longer Optional


Others believed that they were the only ones able to manufacture certain products or provide certain services – it was a case of ‘how many do you want?’, It will not be long before they launch their own Bank. Let’s take Toys R Us as case in point.

GDPR and NPS: What it Means for Customer Feedback


Personal data: This is basically anything that directly or indirectly identifies an individual (legal name, photo, bank details, email addresses, social media posts, DNA, IP addresses, cookies and location data. Since it’s rare, unlikely and limiting to use customer feedback data for one purpose, you will need to get consent for each use-case for using customer NPS data. Note: This blog post is for educational purposes only, and is by no means to be considered legal advice.

15 Practical Lead Generation Ideas and Strategies to Implement in 2020

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Bank of America , a globally acclaimed brand delivers consistent omni channel service to its customers. The bank allows for everything starting from depositing checks to scheduling an appointment to be handled by the company’s mobile and desktop apps. #5. Case studiesCase studies are an effective webinar format because sales ready leads look for concrete details on product ROI and benefits.

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Survey Shows Growing Popularity of Call-Backs Among BPOs


The study’s author, Peter Ryan was on a panel for one of our online discussions last year, he’s widely recognized as an expert in the BPO space. A surefire way to fall out of favor with a customer is to leave them on hold for more than a few minutes.

Book Review – On Purpose – Delivering a branded customer experience people love


‘Implement’ through the sharing of a process to apply the thinking using case studies from Liberty Global and Premier Inn. Hill II Founder/Chairman Metro Bank.

Why Mindfulness Belongs in Your Call Center

Customer Centric Support

Case studies have shown improvement on just about every KPI with the contact centers that simply gave instruction on mindful breathing and encouraged agents to practice it throughout their day. Practicing mindfulness has been a popular concept in western society for many years now.

When a Customer Wins, Nobody Loses, Right?!

CX Journey

It’s funny we still need to make the case for "The Customer Wins" The first positive to express about this book is Gerry’s candour and humour. With a gentle (mostly) and dry Canadian wit, Gerry exposes the first secret of CX: in most cases it ain’t yet working.

Never receive a false notification with Spearline alerts


Case study. West works with some of the largest organisations in the world from banks to healthcare providers, retailers to logistics companies, and all of those customers expect to be able to count on them to deliver exceptional audio quality.

The Top Customer Service Conferences to Attend in 2020


Who Should Attend: CMOs, customer support executives and management, Notable Speakers: Satya Nadella – CEO, Microsoft; Susan Johnson – CMO, Suntrust Bank. Notable Speakers: Satya Nadella – CEO, Microsoft; Susan Johnson – CMO, Suntrust Bank.

7 Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Customer Focused Marketing


” Furthermore, Tiffani Bova , a Salesforce Customer Increase Evangelist cited Uber as a case study: “People prefer to wait for Uber cabs while staring at other taxis drive pass them.”

There’s No I in Team, but What About AI?

CSM Magazine

While we are happy to chat to friends and colleagues using messaging, text, social media and email, when it comes to contacting our bank, insurance company or healthcare provider, we’re often sent to the back of the phone queue. A recent case study from Aylesbury Valley District Council describes this scenario perfectly. Cathal McGloin, CEO of ServisBOT describes why AI is perfectly poised to help customer service professionals shine. Voice from the past.

Take Appreciation to Another Level: Customer Appreciation Ideas


According to Sonja Lyubomirsky’s study , gratitude accounts for 40% of a person’s happiness. Many years ago, when I wanted to open a bank account, I decided to go with the newest bank on the market.

Contact Center Technologies 2017: find out what 23 experts say


In the worst case, if they were not able to solve their issue, the portal can include a click to call button where they are transferred to an agent and they don’t have to repeat all their information in order to get assistance. I’ve seen several big wins in the banking industry.

Customer Experience Management: What Is It All About


Even during an interview you can present a simple case study of an irate customer and ask a potential employee how they would react. Understand your customers’ needs and cases. We hear so much about customer experience, that I was afraid writing about it would be too obvious.

Top Priorities in Customer-Centric Contact Centers


But what about in real time and non-real times, the used cases there, or digital versus analog? So I think that’s one earlier, where there are advantages in chats and once you’ve got that good bank of messages, you can look to automate them and it goes out from there.