How Monitoring Your IVR Helps Predict and Reduce Fraud in the Contact Center


Employing software capable of leveraging all data in the call lifecycle, even the non-audio data from within an IVR, can help identify: . Pindrop Protect, for example, is entirely passive – working in the background throughout the entire call to monitor each call and associated account event for anomalies that could lead to fraud downstream. . Millions of calls flow through the IVR, and far fewer of these calls ever reach an agent.

How Identifying Key Behaviors in the IVR Helps Predict and Reduce Fraud in the Contact Center


The IVR call experience has become feature-rich and simpler to use, allowing fraudsters to gain access to data quickly. One typical example of IVR fraud is referred to as “Man in the Call.” . In this scenario, a scammer buys data such as a telephone number from the dark web, and “spoofs” it to begin making calls to banks at random. If the fraudster is greeted with a first-time “welcome” message, they can assume it is not their target’s bank.

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#WFH: 3 Ways to Ensure Customer Experience in Restructured Call Centers


As call centers restructure themselves to fit social distancing needs, call center leaders should consider how they can ensure customer experience in every agent’s home as well as their brick and mortar call centers. . What is the Call Center’s Role in Customer Experience? . Call centers are often and increasingly, the only forms of customer interaction that many firms have.

8 cross-industry knowledge management strategies to leverage during a crisis


With short notice and a high sense of urgency, contact centers made major changes to how they operate, transitioning millions of agents to work remotely, adjusting their training program to onboard new employees from home and adapting to a massive increase in call volume. Creating customized call flows help get new employees up to speed faster and assist customers sooner.

Step up Customer Assistance with Live Video Support


A growing number of brokerages and financial planning firms, including Bank of America and TD Ameritrade are following suit, offering financial advice with a personal touch via online video chat support. Some key integration features are single sign-on, integrations with CRM, customer app and knowledge base, and customized call flow support.

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3 Way Call Recording and Quality Management can save your business money

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Call Recording for Cost Savings – How? Process Flow: One of the most important operating principles in contact centers is the adherence to communication scripting and workflow. Interaction recording (for calls and text-based media) can help ensure that the organization focuses on, and adheres to, proper scripting and processes, which results in higher rates of ‘First Contact Resolution’. For calls, this is a well-structured IVR; for chats, this is a user-friendly BOT.