2015 Brand Ambassador Award Winners: Lessons in Customer Centricity


PeopleMetrics is proud to recognize its fifth-annual Brand Ambassador Award Winners. Winners of the 2015 Award are: Jen Beier of 1st National Bank. Three Qualities of Brand Ambassadors. Brand Ambassadors are invaluable to customer-centric cultures, as they consistently deliver on customer expectations and expand the boundaries of quality service. Brand Ambassadors also build relationships with their customers.

The value of happier call center agents


Putting your customers in the hot seat to answer security questions creates anxiety and frustration that directly impacts how they feel about your brand. One way banks can remove annoying telephone interrogations is by automating the authentication process. Along with lowering your agents’ stress levels, it can also save your bank a lot of money. Finally, happy agents make better brand ambassadors that deliver better customer service.

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Best Practices for Customer-Centric Decision Making


As we mentioned in an earlier section, our research found that adhering to a decision-making process that considers the impact on the customer is one of the practices that separate growth banks from non-growth banks. Let's imagine you've clearly connected your brand promise (which should be a thing you have) to your intended customer experience. But "how" each bank designs and delivers those elements is what sets its experience apart from the rest.

Introducing BB: The Bold360 Chatbot


As companies create more customer facing AI-powered experiences, this continuum will only become more important to properly navigate as it is an extension of the company brand and may become the first line of most customer interactions. If your customers are trying to focus more on finding information and completing transactions, like in banking, you may want to just create a name and icon for your chatbot and not over design it. Create bot brand guidelines.

How Can Wells Fargo Recover From Massive Stakeholder Insensitivity?

Beyond Philosophy

All of the changes in customer decision-making dynamics, and influences on corporate and brand perception over the past decade or two, have brought business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketplaces to a new frontier. There is an increasingly critical connection between brand promise, corporate trustability and reputation, the customer experience as created by people and processes, and downstream customer behavior. They have brand ambassadors.

Four Cool Ways to Cement Customer Trust


If AT&T were an empathetic brand they''d consider their policies from their customers'' point of view. Some brands are going much deeper than policy design and employee training. According to a recent Emotivator pos t, in an attempt to better empathize with banking customers with mobility issues, Barclay''s Bank is having its branch staff wear a specially designed suit as they enter and seek service in one of their branches. "Trust is the glue of life.

Taking Customer Service From Good to Great!

CSM Magazine

The experience a customer has while interacting with your brand is the oil that keeps the engine running. Part of the equation is anticipating customer needs before they interact with your brands. Your customers are looking for a reason to be loyal to your brand; will you give them one? Customer needs in the banking industry will differ greatly from needs in the auto industry.

Pros and Cons of In-House vs. Outsourced Call Centers


Also, call agents gain experience from working with numerous brands throughout their careers. Call center agents may lack the cultural knowledge, communication skills and fluency needed in your brand, and this might ruin your business reputation.

Can Artificial Intelligence Drive Customer Loyalty?

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Brand loyalty is hard earned and easily shattered by just ignoring a tweet. Just as in your father’s time the bank clerk recognized him by voice when he called in to clear a check, AI development can now do the same by speech recognition, natural language processing, and dialogue management. Engagement from the brand usually makes the client feel important and well catered for.

Never Market the Middle: Q&A with Peter McGuinness, President, Chobani

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One of the biggest mistakes that companies and brands make is they market the middle. Peter McGuinness, President at Chobani, explains the brand’s success and why it’s not just about yogurt, but about the purpose and authenticity of the brand. How important is that to the brand?

Missed Calls: The Real Impact on Your Business


There’s nothing more valuable to you than a loyal brand ambassador, and nothing more dangerous than a customer scorned. Phone service doesn’t have to involve massive, expensive call centers with banks of customer service agents – and you don’t want it to! No business can work without a customer. That’s obvious from the start. But what is not always obvious is the way those essential relationships are built and maintained.