How Monitoring Your IVR Helps Predict and Reduce Fraud in the Contact Center


Employing software capable of leveraging all data in the call lifecycle, even the non-audio data from within an IVR, can help identify: . In practice, the experience for the customer, agent, and the leadership team of contact centers will significantly depend on the strategies and technology they adopt. Millions of calls flow through the IVR, and far fewer of these calls ever reach an agent. Bank fraud Fraud

How Identifying Key Behaviors in the IVR Helps Predict and Reduce Fraud in the Contact Center


The IVR call experience has become feature-rich and simpler to use, allowing fraudsters to gain access to data quickly. One typical example of IVR fraud is referred to as “Man in the Call.” . The “man in the call” is still present on the line.

8 cross-industry knowledge management strategies to leverage during a crisis


By combining the power of a knowledge base, workflow and agent scripting, contact centers can reduce agent effort and provide the best possible customer experience. With short notice and a high sense of urgency, contact centers made major changes to how they operate, transitioning millions of agents to work remotely, adjusting their training program to onboard new employees from home and adapting to a massive increase in call volume.