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5 Ways to Get Your AHT (Average Handle Time) Down Fast

Myra Golden Media

One of the biggest challenges for contact center representatives is controlling conversations and guiding customers to the next steps and off the phone. Follow my five psychological steps to controlling calls and getting your Average Handle Time (AHT) Down!

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What is AHT? Strategies to Improve Average Handle Time

Amplifai Coaching Category

Learn how to calculate average handle time, tips to improve your contact center's AHT, the pitfalls to avoid, and more. Learn how AHT drives boosts productivity, improves agent morale, and drives customer satisfaction.


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Key Considerations for A Healthy Contact Center


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What is Average Handle Time? Challenges, Examples, and Best Practices for Improving AHT Copy


Average handle time, or AHT, is an important call center metric. To calculate AHT, add your total talk time + total hold time + total after-call tasks, and then divide by the number of total calls. That is your average handle time. Calculating Your Average Handle Time.

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Study: The Health of the Contact Center

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