What is Average Handle Time? Challenges, Examples, and Best Practices for Improving AHT Copy


Average handle time, or AHT, is an important call center metric. To calculate AHT, add your total talk time + total hold time + total after-call tasks, and then divide by the number of total calls. That is your average handle time.

Carry That Load …

Contact Center Pipeline

Coaching ACD after-call work AHT average handle time call load call volume coachingThe word “load” appears in many familiar idioms and phrases. We might “carbo load” before a race or “get loaded” over the weekend.


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Operational Indicators – Average Handle Time (AHT)

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In this article, we tackle one of the most important indicators; Average Handle Time (AHT). AHT is defined as the total amount of time (on average) that an agent spends on a contact. In a Contact Center environment (voice, chat), AHT includes talk time, hold time and after call work time (ACW). As the name indicates, it is the historical average for thousands, perhaps millions of calls handled by the Center over a reasonable period of time.

Calculating Average Handle Time in Light of Customer Experience and IVRs

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Definition of Average Handle Time: The average time spent handling a contact with a customer, which may be a call, email, chat or any kind of request. The total handle time includes not only the time that an agent spends directly communicating with the customer but also time spend after the contact completing customer’s request – ACW – After Call Work (ACW) or Post Call Processing (PCP).

The Coming Disruption of the Contact Center Outsourcing Industry

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Each day millions of calls, emails, chats, SMS messages and social media interactions are handled by Contact Center agents employed by these Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) firms representing thousands of organizations and brands. The staff labor is resold either on a Full-Time Equivalent (FTE), per hour or per minute basis. Volatility in the form of volumes spikes, seasonality or increased handle time (AHT) is the enemy. By: Colin Taylor.

Boost Productivity with the “Right” Contact Center KPIs and Gamification

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Identification of areas for improvement and definition of new goals should be discussed during coaching sessions. Service level measures the percentage of calls that are answered within a specific time period. Due to fluctuations of incoming calls, you may want to establish different thresholds for peak times and off-peak times. Average Speed of Answer (ASA). ASA measures the average time a call waits in the queue until it is picked up by an agent.

Leverage Gamification to Level Up Call Center Service and Support

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Average Handle Time (AHT). AHT is a metric for the average length of a transaction – from the time the call was initiated to the time it is resolved including hold time, talk time and after work time. When AHT is too long, it may indicate that the agent is having difficulty handling the request. Improving AHT should be defined as decreasing handle time and at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.

Full Speed Ahead with Analytics and Automation


These calls had the highest average handle time (AHT)—more than 19 minutes per call. The primary KPIs on the agent scorecard include available time , time in adherence to schedule , revenue per hour and total average quality score. With AQM, the organization can automate the entire quality management process, from scoring evaluations to assigning coaching. What happens when a premier cruise line makes business outcomes a top priority?

Are You Using All That Workforce Optimization Has to Offer?


When you can evaluate many more calls, you can get a better understanding of your agents’ performance and take appropriate action to automatically assign coaching exactly when and where it’s needed. Scorecards can be incorporated into your quality management program to help you monitor your team’s performance across quality KPIs, make it easy to report and share quality trends, trigger alerts, and follow the results of coaching sessions.

Five Coaching Tips For Contact Center Agents that Work


Coaching your contact center agents on their performance can either fill everyone with dread or be a productive activity that you and your agents look forward to. Agent coaching has long been a method for improving contact center performance and the customer experience.

Call Center Coaching Guide: Challenges, Tips, and Solutions


Ugh, Call Center Coaching…Let’s talk about it. . Ok, Call Center Coaching…what is it? Such gripping narratives use exhilarating phrases like “annual performance review,” “call center coaching tools,” and “telephony integration.” Coaching doesn’t scale.

10 Steps for the Best Call Center Coaching Session


Call center coaching is just like coaching a little league team. A talented kid will master swinging the bat on their own, but a coach can help them perfect the move. However, they need that extra coaching to truly become incredible agents.

Go Beyond Call Center Coaching with Real-Time Agent Assist


Go Beyond Call Center Coaching with Real-Time Agent Assist. Agent assist software builds agent engagement and proficiency with live call center coaching, training and process optimization. Current agent coaching is leading to customer—and agent—turnover. E-BOOK.

3 Ways Call Center Coaching is Leading to Customer Churn


3 Ways Call Center Coaching is Leading to Customer Churn. It’s no secret that better coaching creates more effective agents and better overall customer interactions. Why then do so many call centers struggle to convert coaching into real, measurable results?

Coaching — Medicine for the Contact Center

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The contact center may have a great quality management program that provides agents evaluations on their interactions as well as a stellar performance management platform that gives agents real-time insights into how they are performing against specific goals and metrics. The best QM and PM programs in the world won’t drive improved results if agents aren’t receiving effective coaching — the medicine of the contact center. This is where an effective coach comes in.

Four Reasons Why Your Coaching Efforts Aren’t Working

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The college and pro football regular seasons are wrapping up, and every year that means one thing – some coaches will be out of a job. Coaching is important, whether you run a football team or a contact center. And if you’re not getting the most out of your coaching efforts, it will impact customer service. We’re not suggesting that anyone get fired – but we do think it’s inherent on coaches to not fall into a rut. And coaching needs to get them there.

How Managing and Coaching to Agent Performance Metrics Amplifies Your Call Center’s ROI


And, great managers know it’s on them to coach agents to better performance and realize higher call center ROI. Monitor and display agent performance metrics in real-time. With real-time reporting, agents get a wealth of knowledge about their performance.

Real-Time Guidance: Help for Agents and Customers

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Real-Time Guidance: Help for Agents and Customers. One area that is attracting a lot of attention and investment is real-time guidance (RTG) because of its ability to help agents and improve productivity while enhancing the customer experience. Real-time guidance applications leverage AI, including natural language understanding (NLU), to listen to and understand both sides of live conversations as they are occurring. View this article on the publisher’s website.

The Agent Churn Cycle: Why It Happens and How to Prevent It


The industry’s employee turnover rates remain more than double the average for all other U.S. Not only does this come at an expensive cost to companies due to the time and resources it takes to hire and train, but it can also lead to bad customer experiences—an indirect attack against the heart of your brand. By analyzing 100% of phone calls in real-time, it allows agents to pinpoint exactly where they can improve, but also sheds light on the areas they’re excelling in.

How to Improve Call Center Agent Productivity


Call abandonment often occurs because customers become frustrated with long wait times. Average Handle Time (AHT). Average handle time is the average amount of time it takes an agent to wrap up a phone call or live chat.

Why Your Contact Center Needs A Remote Work Policy?


If your contact center is like most, you probably have a robust set of guidelines that document your procedures, detail your standards, and outline how employees should handle various situations. Coach And Motivate.

RapportBoost Awarded “Most Innovative Product of the Year – Enterprise” by Best in Biz


Organizers cited the company’s Sales Coach product for its ability to boost live chat agents’ conversion rates and customer satisfaction scores while elevating productivity and job satisfaction. “It’s From Associated Press to Yahoo Tech’s David Pogue – and including Businessweek, CNET, Consumer Affairs, Fast Company, Financial Times, Inc., Being a top executive in the digital age is no easy feat,” said Naomi Eide, CIO Dive, returning to judge Best in Biz Awards for the second time.

Intelligent Automation: How Contact Centres Are Driving Success

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Intelligent automation empowers agents by maximising their time and helps engage and motivate them to meet KPIs thus improving your customers’ experience. All of this can be done in real time, freeing up your managers to do more important tasks and reducing operating costs.

The Supervisor Cadence – Does It Drive the Wrong Behavior?


Here’s how it works Each time the supervisor completed a pre-determined management task, the manager would click a button, and a green light would appear on the software platform. Coach the agent for 20 minutes – check off the box and get the green dot.

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NEW Ways to Supercharge Contact Center FCR and AHT Performance

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Common KPIs like First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Average Handle Time (AHT) might be common KPIs but they ways they are being improved upon are very dynamic. Jim Rembach : Hey, this is Jim with the Fast Leader Show and Call Center Coach and I’m here at Customer Contact Week with my good buddy Ken Goldberg of amplifAI , it was really good to see here. But not only that they’re also getting reduced average call handling (ACH) time 20% plus improvement in AHT.

10 Key Metrics and KPI’s for Contact Centre Performance

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There are two ways of measuring this either average delay or grade of service. Average delay refers to the average amount of time a customer spends waiting in the queue for an answer from an agent whereas grade of service is the defined as a percentage of contacts answered within x seconds.

KPI Series: How to Measure Manager Productivity


We track just about everything in contact centers including average handle time , first-call resolution, customer satisfaction , ramp time , and dozens of other metrics to make sure we are meeting our customer service objectives. Real-Time Quality Assurance (QA).

The Supervisor Cadence – Does It Drive the Wrong Behavior?

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Each time the supervisor completed a pre-determined management task, the manager would click a button, and a green light would appear on the software platform. Coach the agent for 20 minutes – check off the box and get the green dot. It’s time for the 15-minute agent coaching time.

How to Calculate Call Center Shrinkage (and 6 Ways to Manage it!)


They also: Take part in meetings Complete training Mentor and coach new employees Go on breaks. But they still take away from the time agents could spend taking calls. The time spent on these activities is called shrinkage. What’s a good average for shrinkage?

The CMS Compliance Crackdown is Coming. Here’s How to Prepare


3 Ways to Prepare for Stricter Compliance Audits (in Real Time). Here are three tips to get ahead of potential compliance audits in real time. Unfortunately, the current AHLDT is already three times longer than a typical caller is willing to wait, currently averaging a whopping 17.4

8 Simple Ways to Improve Agent Performance in the Call Center


TIP: Common KPIs for contact center agents can include Average Handle Time (AHT), First Call Resolution (FCR), and Customer Satisfaction score (CSat). If you don’t already have a system to track agent performance , it’s time to make the upgrade. Offer coaching sessions.

We used AI to identify $100k+ savings for contact centers


Historically, companies focused on reducing average handle time (AHT), since the longer agents spend on each call, the more it costs a company. Sometimes, a longer call time can be a good thing, like when agents work with a customer to solve a complex problem.

Paying Attention to Agent Wellbeing will Improve your Brand

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While studies have shown that in normal times the percentage of difficult interactions (“conversations”) is less than 5% in most verticals, in troubling times, like during a pandemic, the percentage has been much higher. . Paying Attention to Agent Wellbeing will Improve your Brand.

TEI gives agents the tools to navigate tough interactions


A large Fortune 500 telecommunications company is using TEI to help the agent improve handling of tough customer situations and to upgrade the customer experience. When it comes to improving agent handling on tough customer situations, TEI is the tool of choice.

Emojis At the Contact Center? Why Not?

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Perhaps average handle time (AHT) is the toughest challenge, or cutting down on abandoned calls. Let’s stick with average handle time as an example. A column of angry faces means there is still work to be done, so get those coaches and trainers ready to go. We don’t know about you, but we never thought emojis would go mainstream.

How to Improve Contact Center Agent Performance


Average Handle Time (AHT). Average Handle Time (also known as Average Response Time) refers to the amount of time it takes for an agent to answer an incoming inquiry. For example: Average Handle Time, First Call Resolution.

The Handle Time Dilemma

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In the early years of contact centers, it was fairly common to saddle agents with an average handle time (AHT) performance objective. So, in most contact centers, average handle time is no longer a performance objective. Some agents have longer handle times and are producing no extra value for it. In fact, their lengthy calls actually drive customer satisfaction down, since no caller wants to spend more time on a call than is necessary.

What is Call Wrap Up Time? 5 Ways to Reduce It in Your Contact Center


Reducing average wait time and average handle time in your contact can yield huge customer satisfaction increases for your business. One important way to reduce these important call center metrics is by reducing the amount of work it takes to wrap up previous customer interactions so that your agents are freed up to handle the next one. What is Call Center Wrap-Up Time? Here are the top 3 ways that have been proven to reduce wrap-up time: 1.

9 Contact Center Best Practices for 2020 (and Actionable Tips)


Throughout the crisis, we have worked with contact center leaders to help them meet the challenges of these unprecedented times. Every time. Now is the time to get the most out of every customer interaction and deliver loyalty-building customer experiences.

KPI Series: Reducing Manager Requests and Escalations


Call escalation can occur because an agent: Lacks training Lacks confidence Handles a contact poorly Fails to recognize warning signs Doesn’t have access to the needed resources. Average handle time (AHT), on-hold time (OHT), and first contact resolution are also impacted.