Net Promoter® News: United Airlines, National Australia Bank (NAB), Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)


United Airlines ties $500,000 CEO bonus to customer satisfaction results We have all read and seen the news and videos regarding United Airlines’ recent customer service debacle.

Southwest Airlines Ranked Top for Customer Experience

CSM Magazine

Southwest Airlines delivers the best customer experience in the airline industry, according to the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings. Southwest has earned the highest score for airlines every year since the Ratings began in 2011, with the exception of 2015 when JetBlue came in first.

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Who are you #onholdwith? The Top On-Hold Offenders in the Airline Industry


As the weather warms up in the West and many take off for their summer holidays, customers are increasingly dealing with big-brand companies in the business of travel: Airlines. Frontier Airlines. This airline sucks! United Airlines. American Airlines.

At A Fork In the Road: As a Customer Relationship Driver, Where Is Branch Banking Headed?

Beyond Philosophy

Both quotes seem to apply to what is currently transpiring with retail branch banking, and where it seems to be trending. Banks can’t quite make up their minds about what branches are supposed to be. At a time when banks are closing branch locations at a record pace (over 1,400 in 2014, with Bank of America, alone, closing more than 140) that is likely to continue, the need for the services they offer remains pretty much the same. Why does banking have to be a chore?

Social Customer Service Rankings: Where Do You Stack Up?

Chad Schaeffer

A close third is the Airline industry. It’s notable to point out that only Delta Airlines has a dedicated Twitter support handle, the other airlines are engaging customers on their main brand Twitter handle. Interesting that a particular airline is missing from the list.

New Research Digs Into Industries And Consumer Feedback Patterns

Customer Experience Matters

Enjoy these free reports: Industry CX Snapshots This series of reports dig into CX data for a number of industries: Airline, Auto, Banking, Health Insurance, Hotel, Insurance, Read More. The XM Institute is kicking off the year with a research bang.

CX: The Shift from Call Center to Contact Center

Revation Systems

Today the role of cloud and multi-channel features has changed the game entirely, and shifted what was merely used to aggregate inbound and outbound phone calls into a complex communications hub able to transform multiple industries such as healthcare and banking.

Experiential Calluses Against Poor CX


For example, switching banks isn’t easy. He didn’t like the way big airlines treated customers. Customers may have built up tolerance in the form of an experiential callus to the way the airlines treated them. Last summer I played golf with a friend.

Be Different


Huntington Bank differentiated themselves by extending the hours of operation. The recognized traditional hours were not convenient for the typical banking customer, so they extended their hours, staying open later during the week and being open on Saturdays.

8 Worst Mistakes You Don’t Want to repeat!

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The flight attendant on Jetstar Airways, an Australian budget airline, asked the woman how many weeks she was gesturing at her midsection. Like many airlines, they have a policy that women after 28 weeks must turn over a doctor’s note that they are okay to fly.

Lose The Fear Of Facial Recognition If You Want CX Improvement

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For example, not so long ago, people didn’t want to migrate to online banking. In the minds of many people, the internet was a sinister nest of bad-actors waiting to steal all of our electronic money right out of the virtual bank.

Truth Bared about the Realities of Customer Experience Implementation!

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What do a Bank, an Airline, and an Online Retailer Have in Common? Consorsbank is a bank; Lufthansa is an airline; Zalando is an online clothing retailer.

What JetBlue Teaches Us About Profits, Promises, and People

Beyond Philosophy

The recent announcement by US Airline JetBlue that they will start charging for checked baggage and reduce the legroom on some flights (to add more seats) illustrates the contrast in how different stakeholders view profits vs. the customer experience, and highlights an important behavioral economic principle. For the airlines, goodwill comes in the form of share preference. It’s hard to even imagine something like that happening at a bigger airline.

Who are YOU #OnHoldWith? The Top 10 Worst Companies to Call in 2019


This year, some big surprises: Virgin Media, Verizon, and United Airlines are among the top culprits in the annual list of The Worst Companies to Call in 2019. More tweets were sent about them than Verizon(#2) and United Airlines(#3) combined. Worst Industry to Call 2019: Airlines.

Guest Blog: “Zhuzhing Up” Humans in the Contact Center


Yet bank employees did not disappear with the advent of the ATM. Airline agents are still at check-in counters to guide passengers after self-service kiosks and to arrange complicated ticketing.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Industry Benchmarks


Airlines: 73%. Banks: 81%. If you’re new to Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), a good starting point is seeing how you compare to peers in your industry. To do so, you can rely on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). .

2018 Temkin Experience Ratings: 20 Industry Snapshots

Customer Experience Matters

You can see links to all of those industry snapshots below: > Airlines > Auto Dealers > Banks > Computers & Tablets > Credit Card Issuers > Fast Food Chains > Health Plans > Hotels & Rooms > Insurance Carriers > Investment Firms > Parcel Delivery Services > Rental Cars & Transport > Retailers Read More.

Delivering Unique, Attractive (Even Branded) Customer Experience Lagniappe: Any Company Can Do This

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4) Where customers and experience are concerned, think ‘human’, i.e. TD Bank’s “Bank Human Again” marketing campaign. I’ve written about Vernon Hill, who founded Commerce Bank in the U.S. and Metro Bank in the U.K. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

The Best Customer Service Experience Stories to Cheer You Up


Delta Airlines has taken to handing out pies when they are delayed in getting their customers to the skies. Since their inception airlines have allowed customer service to fall by the wayside, but Delta Airlines is doing what it can to gain customers through exceptional customer service.

Hold It!: The Top 10 Worst Companies You Called in 2018


” Last year, the report revealed Delta Airlines to have the highest instances of complaint Tweets about putting customers on hold. Delta Airlines. Bank of America. Airlines. HOLD EVERYTHING: The results are in.

FREE Temkin Group Industry CX Webinars

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Temkin Group publishes a large amount of industry- and company-specific research, so we often do webinars that highlight what’s happening in customer experience in those industries.

With customer experience design, functional is good. But don’t stop there – by Beth Richardson


You are a lifelong customer of Locality Bank. Your parents took you in to the bank open your first account when you were a child, and you remember how you felt when a moneybox was presented to you as a thank you. Locality Bank are the first people that spring to mind.

Customer Authentication – Stuck in the Last Century

Customer Interactions

Every day, it seems, we are finding new and more efficient ways to interact with our service providers, whether our bank, mobile provider, insurance company, favorite airline, or retailer. New technologies are making it easier and faster to interact and carry out transactions whether we’re purchasing something or updating personal details. There is, however, one very conspicuous speed bump: customer authentication

Customer Authentication Meets Instant Gratification

Customer Interactions

Great, and what was your mother’s maiden name?” We’ve all been through this drill every time we have to resolve an issue over the phone with our bank, mobile provider, airline or insurance company. “Hello Mrs. Smith, in order to assist you, can you please tell me your account number? And your social security number?

Forget About the Wow. What Should You Fix NOW?


Airlines have long practiced “re-accommodating” ticketed passengers. In one case, a banking client of mine realized the signs on their branch doors were outdated just by asking this question of branch managers. Customer experience repair and improvement can be completely overwhelming!

Preparing Your Business for the API Economy


When you think of APIs it’s likely that some big names come to mind: Nexmo, the Vonage API platform; Stripe for payments; or one of the new Open Banking APIs. Think about banking. Outside of start-ups, traditional retail banks are investing in public APIs.

APIs 74

Net Promoter Score: The Complete Guide


Airlines. Banks. The Contact Center KPIs that Matter Most – TechSee Data Sheet Collection Part 1. In the first of our new series of in-depth data sheets, you’ll discover the huge impact that Visual Support has on NPS, according to some of TechSee’s biggest clients.

The shift: From customer service to customer experience


Gone are the days where banks were building their profits on overdraft fees,” says Peter Strazalkowski, Salesforce AE for Coveo, a provider of intelligent and predictive search technologies. People coming into the bank to make a simple transaction may also ask about opening a savings account for their child’s college. Peter suggests that the banking industry has changed a lot and will continue evolving by enabling agents to better understand and serve customers. “To

Fact of Fiction – Has Service Improved Over the Last Thirty Years?

Service Strategies

This article painted scenarios of how poor service delivery had become in a multitude of industries such as: banking, airlines, retail, automotive, home services and technology. On February 2, 1987, Time Magazine’s cover story was titled “Pul-eeze! Will Somebody Help Me? Frustrated American consumers wonder where the service went.”

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of May 1, 2017


So when a several big brands in the beverage, transportation, banking and airline industries were suddenly in the global media hot seat, we had a laugh and productive conversations behind the scenes.

Competitive Advantage and Marketing’s 5Ps


this is one solution for products, but what about those of you selling services, like insurance, airlines, electricity, water, banking? Banks could provide a more relaxing an agreeable way to stand in line. A recent experience of mine in a Peruvian bank made me realize how Swiss banks, and many others, could be more competitive and customer centric. In the bank I attended, there were comfy sofas, television and free coffee.

Out of Touch and out of Business: The Universal Problem of Poor Contactability

CSM Magazine

The worst performing sectors were airlines and delivery services, with just 10% of consumers scoring them as excellent while delivery firms were voted poor by the highest percentage of respondents (24%). Customers do not stick with companies that disappoint.

Stop Delivering Service Ga Ga

Chip Bell

It is the flight attendant who speaks “thank you for flying Mayday Airlines,” but sounds terribly bored instead of sincerely grateful. It communicates a boring sameness without depth, significance or an experience that remains in one’s memory banks. I do not understand the lyrics in the hit song Bohemian Rhapsody. The music is terrific and I am a major Queen fan.

Is Automation Good or Bad for Customer Experience?

Toister Performance Solutions

I bought my plane ticket to Seattle on the Alaska Airlines website, checked in for my flight via the airline's app, and used the app to pull up my boarding pass when I got to the airport. 1999: Alaska became the first airline in the world to enable online check-in.

Where in the World Is Santa?


Avaya’s industry-leading contact center solutions handle millions of customer calls, web chats, and texts around the world each day, serving the largest banks, health systems and airlines.

Federal Express sets a benchmark on how to improve customer experience


Compare this with the telephone service from my favorite airline and taxi companies. The airline and taxi database systems do provide access to all my information (including telephone numbers), but that data is “two screens away” from the first screen presented to the reservations agent.

Reduce Effort to Improve Customer Experiences

CSM Magazine

The airline identified common travel frustrations and used digital technology in small ways to reassure fliers that their bags were being carefully monitored, and made it easier to resolve problems when something went wrong.

What Customer-Centric Companies Must Do To Become Customer-Obsessed

Beyond Philosophy

We’ve seen many examples of companies that have, or created, these kinds of cultures and levels of value delivery: Zappos, SunTrust Bank, Wegmans, Southwest Airlines, IKEA, Virgin, Rackspace, Disney, Zane’s Cycles, USAA, Target, Ritz Carlton, IBM, QVC, Umpqua Bank, Costa Coffee, etc. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC, is Thought Leadership Principal for Beyond Philosophy.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of June 20, 2016


Here are three great companies, Amazon, Southwest Airlines and TD Bank (I wouldn’t have guessed this last one), that are relentless when it comes to being customer focused. Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources.

Insurers Neglecting Customer Service on Digital Channels

CSM Magazine

However, the insurance sector could answer just 46% of all queries asked via the web, email and social media, trailing the other industries (food retailers, fashion retailers, banking and travel) evaluated in the overall study.