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Questions That Increase Employee Coaching Effectiveness

Integrity Solutions

After all, employee engagement is rooted in emotional factors, and managers, their coaching effectiveness and the coaching culture they create can make or break those emotional ties. It would follow, then, that increasing employee coaching effectiveness is one of the major tools in the toolbox to help solve these problems.

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Five Coaching Tips For Contact Center Agents that Work


Coaching your contact center agents on their performance can either fill everyone with dread or be a productive activity that you and your agents look forward to. Either way, it needs to be done, and arming yourself with a full set of coaching tips for contact center agents will ensure the sessions are productive.


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They are a careless and lackluster team with a sarcastic coach who grows frustrated with the responsibility to produce a respectable team. Taking time to talk with team members about their personal lives, goals, and accomplishments is key to creating engaged and motivated teams.

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18 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Loved and Appreciated

Steve DiGioia

We sit through seminar after seminar to learn the latest tactics to enhance the customer experience and spend thousands of dollars on certification courses signaling to our peers our “expertise”. And countless experts have built impressive careers by writing books, making speeches, and hosting training courses and podcasts.

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RCDA introduces online work-from-home courses for contact center teams

Robert Davis

Davis and Associates ( [link] ) is excited to present three online courses designed to maximize the performance of supervisors, leaders at all levels, and contact center agents in the work-from-home environment. For Supervisors: Coaching Your Work-From-Home Agents for Maximum Results. We will: Cover the topic.

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Great Key Account Management Resources, Coaches and Training Programs to Consider If You Want to Up Your Game

Kapta Customer Success

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a key account manager for a decade or two or are new on the job; everyone can improve. To be a successful key account manager well into the future, you need a proven track record of helping your customers grow their accounts through the products and services your company offers.

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Coaching Your Salespeople off Plateaus

Integrity Solutions

Here’s how coaching can help them get back on track and hit their numbers again. Coaching your people around these two areas can help them release their inner achievement drive so they can get back on track and hit their numbers again. It’s your job as a coach to help them recognize their self-talk is just talk.