Call Center Metrics: Examples, Tips & Best Practices


An efficient call center operation hinges on the ability of management to identify flaws in their systems and practices as well as execute improvement plans to fix these quickly. Types of Call Centers. Not all call centers are created equally. Outbound Call Centers.

Auto Dialer Software: What is Auto Dialer and When to Use it


The auto dialer acts as a co-pilot for sales teams. The ideal software for outbound sales campaigns, an auto-dialer increases sales productivity by as much as 200%. At the same time, it ensures that it only connects to the answered calls.


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19 Important VoIP Features (Every Modern Business Needs)


VoIP is much more than just about making and receiving voice calls. The technology brings a plethora of rich features that can empower sales and customer support teams to perform at their peak and enjoy limitless possibilities. VoIP Features for Sales and Customer Support Teams.

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7 keys for irresistible customer onboarding experiences


Contrary to what your sales team might be chanting as they uncork that bottle of champagne, a customer’s loyalty isn’t won when they sign up for your service. In era when one in four users will abandon your app after only one session , we’re particularly sensitive to these risks. With that said, our rough onboarding outline is as follows: Make sure the customer’s network and hardware is up to snuff, ready to deliver optimal call quality.

TOP 20 Call Center Metrics Managers Can’t Ignore (FREE EBOOK)


Customers call, agents resolve their queries, managers supervise, all things seem to run their course… STOP! Outbound and inbound customer services should be constantly measured to be improved. In this article we’ve decided to present you 20 call center metrics that will make it easier for you to gain powerful insights into the sales call performance and keep an eyeon your customer service efforts. Inbound call center metrics: Inbound Call Volume.

Set Up a (Successful) Sales Call Center: A Guide to Start from Scratch


The attention is on every sales call center! In a bid to cut back on their costs, many companies are now looking to outsource their call operations. What is a Call Center? ? How Does a Sales Call Center Help Your Business? ? Prospected… Now make the call. ?

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