Customer Success 3.0 will be Customer Success AI & ML, predictive & prescriptive


Claiming that your customers are the heartbeat of your business is not so incorrect in the SaaS industries. To take the field of customer success a notch up, it is now the call of the new science to engulf AI and ML in the process. With the emergence of customer success AI, enterprises are gaining better efficiency in most of the business functions. Statistics say that as much as 60% higher profits generate by companies that prioritize the customer experience.

Five Signs That It’s Time for a Fresh Start With Quality Management

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But this must be an ongoing effort, one that evolves as new variables affect the customer experience. You have the wrong goals Sometimes you think you know what your customers want most from your contact center, but you later find they have other priorities in mind. If this is the trouble, go back to basics: Discover the specifics of what your customers want through feedback from agents and operations teams, as well as customer satisfaction surveys.