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TOP 30+ Customer Experience Statistics to Know in 2023


According to many studies and surveys, customer experience is a key part of any company’s success. Your ability to create a powerful customer experience greatly impacts the number of customers that buy from you and keep buying from you.

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What Is A Conversational User Interface (CUI) & How to Leverage It


It’s no wonder companies are designing chatbots and voice user interfaces to suit a growing list of business needs, from lead generation to customer support. As with all customer experience solutions , your conversational user interface needs to be customer-centric.

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Brouhaha in Broadcasting: The Cable Digital Transformation


On the one hand, this transition has caused cablecos to steadily lose customers. million customers cancelling their subscriptions during the first quarter of 2021. Negative customer service perception. Monetize available customer data.

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Beauty in Imperfection

C Space

their customers. In 2028, will brands seek new avenues for growth because their sponsored posts keep getting ignored, or because their TV adverts become cringe-worthy comedy relics like a laugh track? Customers Choose Real Over Fake. Customers Choose Real Over Fake. Franco Bonadio, Chief Creative Officer at C Space interviews Whitney Hardy, SVP and CMO of Stop & Shop on how Stop & Shop ditched traditional ads by bringing real customers into the spotlight.