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Brouhaha in Broadcasting: The Cable Digital Transformation


On the one hand, this transition has caused cablecos to steadily lose customers. million customers cancelling their subscriptions during the first quarter of 2021. Negative customer service perception. Monetize available customer data.

What is business process outsourcing and can it save me time?

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When a business contracts a third party to perform several services related to back and front office operations. For many years, the outsourcing market has grown, and services have become more easily accessible. Do you need to outsource a service now? IT management and services.

Chatbot Marketing: 11 Actionable Use Cases (With Examples)


This means marketers have all kinds of resources at their fingertips and can connect with customers and manage relationships on a variety of channels. Marketers all around the world are opting for this kind of customer connection automation. Most customers expect immediate responses.