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E-commerce Statistics You Should Know in 2021


e-commerce food sales were expected to total around $24 billion in 2020 and rise to over $38 billion in 2023, giving the industry a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.3%. by the end of 2024. consumers rated self-service portals as “not at all effective” in resolving their issue.

7 Ways to Automate Customer Service (Without Sacrificing Quality)


While some fears of chatbots stealing jobs persist, the reality is that customers now prefer the convenience of support automation, and businesses are profiting in many ways. Chatbots will drive $142 billion in consumer spending by 2024 — a meteoric surge from $2.8 This automated system could include a chatbot or another artificial intelligence technology. Millennials and Gen Z consumers tend to prefer self-service options and chatbots over traditional phone support.