Big Data’s Big Problem

Beyond Philosophy

Big data is the gigantic data sets whose analysis could reveal predictions of human behavior. Big data is big news. But Big data is only showing us a part of the big picture. The biggest part, WHY people do what they do is, as of yet, missing from Big Data. I have written before about the big hole in big data , which is the lack of emotional data collected in all these bytes of information.

Turning Big Data Into Big Rewards


Marketers are flunking the “big data test.” According to Gleanster Research, as many as eight out of 10 CMOs at large enterprise organizations believe they could be doing a far better job of using data to make better and more informed marketing decisions.

Big Data - Getting Smarter with Customer Engagement


Can you remember the last time you experienced a customer service call that actually left you satisfied? When a service interaction is seamless, that moment lives on in a customer’s mind—and it sets the expectation for how all future experiences should go.

Defining Big Data

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Recently, NICE’s Dr. Bob Banerjee was interviewed for an article on Big Data for the new ASSA ABLOY Future Lab website. But first, what exactly is Big Data? We are moving toward that with big data.” That is the beauty of Big Data.

Leveraging Big Data to Fine Tune Customer Experiences


Whether you realize it or not, big data is at the heart of practically everything we do today. In today’s smart, digital world, big data has opened the floodgates to never-before-seen possibilities. Allows you to add data sources quickly.

Big Data in physical security

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Recently, NICE’s Dr. Bob Banerjee was interviewed for two articles on Big Data for the new ASSA ABLOY Future Lab website. But how is Big Data currently being utilized in the realm of physical security? ” So where does Big Data come into play?

3 Ways to Use Big Data to Improve Customer Service in Your Call Center


Oxford defines “big data” as “extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.” So how can your team use big data to provide top-notch customer service?

You’ve Got Data? Well Don’t Start There!


Did the title about data make you curious? Of course, in today’s data-rich environment I’m not really suggesting that you actually ignore it! If so, then just follow the steps I detail below and you will soon be doubling, quadrupling, if not 10x the ROI of your data.

The Organization Customer Disconnect

Up Your Service

The irony of this period of Big Data is that many organizations are becoming even more disconnected from their customers. Much of Big Data is about customer behavior: what they bought, how they bought, what devices they used, how many pages they looked at, etc.

3 Tips to Leverage Big Data and Improve Customer Loyalty

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In many organizations, retaining loyal customers is often less focused upon than making efforts to acquire new ones. Bearing this in mind, customer experience across key touch points should be enhanced to meet and exceed customer needs throughout the entire customer journey. After all, each satisfied customer is capable of bringing several more your way. Don't start addressing customer experience issues across multiple touch points at once. Start with the ones of highest impact

Do you (really) unlock the value from your Big Data?

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Last Wednesday I was trying to look for a specific slide in one of the many PowerPoint presentations I have on my laptop, and kept stumbling across new presentations that I had completely forgotten I had there…well, there are tactics that I developed in the past years on how to organize my documents better, however I still from time to time get lost and frustrated when I can’t find what I am looking for, although I’m sure I have it there… somewhere

2015 Cars Online “The Selfie Experience” Study by Capgemni

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Tweet As the connected customer experience continues to evolve, Cagemini today released the 16th annual global automotive study, The 2015 Cars Online “The Selfie Experience” Phones have become “the” selfie device, now this study shows consumers want that same personalized experience as a segment of one. While consumers desire more personalized on and offline services, 45% have concerns over data privacy.

Salesforce Unveils Next Generation Marketing Cloud; Now Any Journey Is Possible

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While marketers have ample access to customer data, activating that data and engaging customers with relevant content across every channel is a significant challenge. New Journey Builder activities, triggers and events with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud will be available in Q4 2015.

The Impact of Big Data on the Voice of the Customer

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Big data and its challenges are not a new phenomenon. Back in 2001 Gartner analyst, Doug Laney defined the challenges surrounding the growth of big data in a research report that he authored (he also presented on the topic at a number of conferences). He described the challenge as being three dimensional; the increase in volume, velocity and variety

Breaking Big: Teradata Believes We are in the Internet of Analytics vs #IOT

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Tweet Teradata announced two new breakthrough software capabilities that empower business users to uncover and operationalize the insights hidden within Internet of Things (IoT) data. Even more difficult is integrating the IoT data with business operations and human behavioral data.

Apply for a SuperNova Award – Become a Recognized Leader in Digital Business

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Nominate yourself or someone you know by August 7, 2015. Complimentary admission to the SuperNova Award Gala Dinner and Constellation’s Connected Enterprise for all finalists (November 4-6, 2015) lodging and travel not included. •

Maximizing Personalization to Differentiate Brands While Increasing ROI, & Loyalty Customer Experiences

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Intact, without a data-driven approach to optimizing the customer experience, marketers are left with: Lower conversion rates. With Oracle’s acquisition, modern marketers can systematically use customer data to test, discover and predict the experiences customers want online.

ServiceSource®: Customer Success Management for a Post-Sale, On-Demand, Attention Economy (Part 2)

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Through conversations with clients, prospective buyers, system integrators, partners, and vendors, Constellation sees five big themes in customer success management (see Figure 1) [1] : Delivering a brand promise instead of a product or service requires new approaches. Tweet.

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CMO Perspectives, (22nd July, 2015)

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Big Data is everywhere. It’s hard to open any kind of media these days without seeing at least one article on it. But how to use it effectively to further your marketing and customer experience goals is the biggest challenge

Salesforce Empowers UCSF to Study Benefits of Personal Approach to Breast Cancer Screening

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The first insurer to participate is Blue Shield of California, which has created a policy that will allow reimbursement for study-related services for members who are enrolled in the WISDOM trial while data are still being gathered about the safety and efficacy of personalized breast cancer screening. Tweet Precision Medicine Has Arrived : A research team at UC San Francisco has won a five-year award of $14.1

Should the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Oversee the Whole Customer Experience?

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The big question? The abundance of data requires immediate analysis and action to provide meaningful mass personalization at scale. The plethora of data requires a data management and utilization strategy.

Microsoft Acquires FieldOne Systems LLC To Create Better Customer Service Experiences Via IOT and Analytics

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4 Factors that Drive Great Customer Experience And Commerce

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Tweet We just finished some new research that shows the correlation to customer experience and commerce / revenue. Below are some of the highlights of the research and a link to a snapshot of the paper is here. The Four Factors that Drive Superior Customer Experience Engagement. Know who the most profitable customers are online. Stat: Only 52 percent of U.S. and 53 percent of U.K. brands were very effective in knowing who their most profitable customers are.

Mintigo: Advanced Predictive Analytics for Marketers

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Data includes thousands of attributes such as technologies in use, social influences, department sizes, and firmographic data. Most traditional lead scoring is just based on firmographic data. Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Platform analyzes a company’s marketing automation and CRM data to discover a distinct customer profile for each product. Or one that brings more than firmographic data to the sales team?

CMO Perspectives, (8th July, 2015)

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Just the opening cartoon will be enough to make you smile, as we’ve probably all been there, with a senior manager who seems to think he or she knows more about your teenage customers than your own data and research has shown. We also remind you not to forget the small data when looking at the big data with a piece from

The Breadth of Customer Insight

CX Journey

In our poll of over 100 customer insight leaders, only half considered data management or database marketing to be part of Customer Insight. As I've written in the past , you may need to be a Data Scientist, Psychologist, Artist, Storyteller, Sales Coach, Economist, and People Leader.

Delivering Superb Customer Experience Management Across the Web, Mobile and Commerce

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This report offers insights into four of Constellation’s primary business research themes, Next-Generation Customer Experience, Digital Marketing Transformation, Matrix Commerce and Data to Decisions.

Microsoft Dynamic’s Strategic Alliance with Lithium

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Microsoft Dynamics will integrate Lithium’s social interactions and community data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Tweet It’s true – to deliver on a brand promise of excellent customer experience, it takes a village. And it makes perfect sense that Microsoft Dynamics has created a strategic alliance with Lithium , a community platform vendor. What does this mean?

New Report: Few Companies Have Evolved Into a Digital Organization

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Data Access & Collaboration Tools: accessing data and collaboration tools to drive innovation and share intelligence across the organization.

Microsoft Convergence EMEA Conference Announces New Innovations in #IOT and Digital Transformation Solutions

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Intelligent social with machine learning capabilities powering sentiment analysis, as well as the ability to process significant streams of data to detect social posts that are most likely to be customer service cases or new leads. Tweet The purpose of the digital transformation capabilities? So companies can reach out and better connect with customers. Microsoft’s customer engagement solution, Dynamics CRM 2016, will be available worldwide.

Teradata Influencer Summit Highlights

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Key Principle #2: Big Data Technologies: Aster, Hadoop, Big Data Apps, Apps Center, Open Source Contribution and leverage. Key Principle #5: Consulting, Big Data Consulting, Analytics Consulting, Managed Services. We are out of the hype cycle and need to get down to business using data to make the best customer experiences. If you are in a position that isn’t data-centric – then it’s up to you to turn it into that.

Productivity Drives Customer Engagement

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The new enhancements are designed to increase productivity for organizations by providing a simple and seamless experience across their Dynamics CRM application and their employee productivity applications like email, Excel, OneDrive for Business for easier task management, an enhanced mobile experience for the worker on the go, and enriched data and analytics, all of which will be available later this calendar year. Tweet. Wondering how to get the ROI out of your CRM software?

Making Data Actionable - Part Two


Part one of this blog series discussed keeping your data story simple by applying the ARC approach: Actionable, Relevant, and Consumable. I’ll now highlight the importance of understanding the push-pull impact on your data. No single data point lives by itself.

Bluenose: Customer Success Management for a Post-Sale, On-Demand, Attention Economy(Part 2)

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Data on customer engagement, purchases, system usage, customer demographics, and customer sentiment in the form of Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and surveys all feed into the Bluenose engine. Tweet Welcome back to part two of my vendor profile on Bluenose.

Salesforce Unveils Breakthrough Salesforce IoT Cloud, Powered by Salesforce Thunder

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Tweet Connected World, Disconnected Data: The Answer? The combination of mobile, social, sensor, wearable and cloud technologies has triggered a deluge of data. More than 90 percent of the world’s data has been generated over the last two years. And, with the number of connected devices projected to reach 75 billion by 2020, the volume of data available is expected to grow exponentially. IOT Cloud.

A Look Back at Engage – Part One


Speech Analytics Contact Centers Big Data Call Centers EngageFor the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed a trip to Las Vegas. I’ve been to Las Vegas many times over the years, and it didn’t take me long to learn that I don’t seem to have much luck there. I’m simply not a gambler.

CMO Perspectives (11th Jan, 2015)

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Marketing tools and platforms will play a greater role than ever in 2015. Still others are software, like big data analysis technologies. Some of these tools are abstract benchmarks, like Customer Lifetime Value, which more than 75 percent of North American senior executives say is a highly or extremely valuable indicator. Others are techniques like customer journey maps and SEO.

Consumers Can Research a Company and Schedule Appointments Faster and Easier

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Tweet Often times, as a customer, you want to know a little bit more about what a company offers and when you find that information you want to be able to act on it. With the partnership between Verint and TimeTrade, customers will have more seamless omnichannel experiences for consumers. How Will This Partnership Work?

New Guidelines on Consumer Engagement and Data Privacy

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The Principles are meant to benefit all stakeholders as the industry looks to safeguard consumers’ data and nurture greater consumer trust. But whether consumers realize it or not, they have given up their data and privacy in a number of ways – from being on Facebook, to using Facebook connect- or other social / digital tools, to opting into sweepstakes, etc… So the big question I have is, is this too late? Can they revoke their data?

3scale and Pivotal® Announce Self-serve API Management Solution Via Pivotal Web Services (PWS) Platform

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VP and Principal Analyst, Covering Customer Facing Application That Create Better Experiences Using Data and IOT. APIs Big Data CIO Digital Disruption Dr. Natalie's Blog 3scale @drnatalie Constellation Research digital business digital transformation management of APIs natalie petouhoff PivotalTweet Managing your API’s has become a very complicated endeavor. If your role to is manage API’s it’s important to figure out how to automate that process.

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