Customer Centricity has to be an Intrinsic Principle: an Exclusive Interview with Mr. Rohit M A, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Cloudnine

Customer Guru

We, at Customer Guru, are on a mission to spread awareness of how Customer Experience (CX) should be the number one priority for Indian businesses to become more sustainable and successful globally. Thus, we have taken this initiative of sharing the experiences of successful CX leaders across India to inspire and guide professionals in adopting and inculcating a customer-centric approach in their organizations.

What Customers Want Today. (And How to Give It To Them!)


As a customer centricity champion, just like you I hope, I spend a lot of my time researching what customers want. My regular searches online include customer service, customer satisfaction, customer care and similar topic areas. Customer Centricity.

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5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

For many years, there has been a debate whether you could assign a dollar amount to determine the return on investment for any Customer Experience improvements. At times (more in the “old days” but every now and then it happens in present times) we’ve literally have been accused of “having religion;” i.e., believing in Customer Experience (CX) without proof and asked to show the value of CX. Customer Satisfaction results in a higher share price.

Five Essentials of Customer Service Excellence


Recently, I took a very early flight with British Airways (BA) out of Geneva airport and once again, BA staff demonstrated their excellent customer service. What has this got to do with your own customer service excellence? I am sure such behaviour wasn’t specified in his customer service manual; he took the initiative himself. Isn’t it time you let your own customer service people free to best serve your customers?

When Employee Engagement Goes Wrong

CSM Magazine

Wells Fargo was embroiled in a massive scandal when it was revealed that over a four year period, thousands of employees had opened approximately two million bank and credit card accounts for customers without the customer’s permission – or even their knowledge. Some customers’ credit scores were even impacted. And they actively defrauded customers. In 2011, Torbay Hospital was named Acute Healthcare Organization of the Year.

The Customer Experience ‘7 Year Itch’! A frank and honest assessment of the CX profession


As a prolific writer on the subject of Customer Experience, I feel as though every article I publish is a reflection of sorts. I first became aware of job roles containing the words, ‘Customer Experience’ in the early noughties. However, it was not until 2011, with the creation of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), that the role became officially recognised as a profession. The post The Customer Experience ‘7 Year Itch’!

Contact Center Technologies 2017: find out what 23 experts say


With the rise of technology that allows better customer service, customers are becoming more demanding – that’s why to satisfy and retain them, you need to develop your contact center in accordance with the worldwide trends. Donna Peeples , Customer Experience Strategist.