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A Q&A interview with NICE Banking Sector Expert Erez Goldstein. Consolidation in the banking industry has its upsides…and some downsides as well, especially when it comes to managing physical security. In this Q&A interview, Erez Goldstein, Banking Sector Senior Product Marketing Manager for NICE Systems, shares his perspective on the security challenges facing the banking industry, and how Situation Management can help.

Breaking Down Information Silos in the Security Industry

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I know because I have experience in both worlds, first as a Special Agent in Charge and Assistant Director for the FBI, and later as a Corporate Security Executive for the largest bank in the US. For example, a bank that was experiencing an increase in ATM thefts utilized CCTV analysis of the incidents combined with police crime data to determine that stolen construction equipment from nearby construction sites was often utilized to commit the theft.

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The Bank Branch Digital Transformation Trifecta


So, how will the bank branch be impacted? We have an idea of where bank branch digital transformation is headed…. In 2016, Ernst & Young introduced its Banking Relevance Index (BRI), designed to measure the importance of traditional banks to customers’ lives.

Portugal’s Largest Private Bank Leverages PSIM for Operational Savings

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When we think about the necessity of security, banking is an industry that immediately comes to mind. For banks, investing in security is simply a part of day-to-day business. Millennium bcp, Portugal’s largest bank,is an excellent example of how an enterprise can enhance its security while also achieving enormous savings. In 2011, Millennium deployed NICE Situator, an advanced PSIM solution.

Wells Fargo: They Should Do This

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The San Francisco-based bank, whose employees opened many fraudulent and unauthorized accounts in their customers’ name, now enjoys the dubious honor of shouldering the most substantial penalty the agency has issued since its formation in 2011.

The Ins and Outs of Patent Law


Constitution gives Congress the power to enact laws relating to patents, which it did in passing the American Inventors Protection Act of 1990 and America Invents Act in 2011, recent Supreme Court decisions regarding patent law affect everything from fee shifting to interpreting the types of inventions that will survive scrutiny under the Act. Patent law has evolved since enactment of the Patent Act of 1790. And, while Article I of the U.S.

Want More Sales? Give All Your Money Away!

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In 2011, it ran a full-page newspaper ad telling people NOT to buy its jacket because consumption of goods causes environmental degradation.

Sales 371

8 Worst Mistakes You Don’t Want to repeat!

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Bank of America planned to charge Customers a $5 debit card fee right after taxpayers bailed them out of insolvency. Customers threw all their toys out of the crib about it, pledging to move their money out of the big bank. Ever blown it with a Customer? We all have.

Losing Customers Trust is the Worst Penalty VW Will Face

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Banks lied to us, nearly crashing the world economy and causing the Great Recession. I had thought the banking crisis was the pinnacle of organizational stupidity but then last week we hear Volkswagen (VW) lost 30% of their value. Even worse, according to the BBC, a German newspaper reported that they were told by one of their engineers at a part supplier in 2011 that this emissions test was a problem.

COVID-19 Research


Since I founded Pindrop in 2011, I have been traveling 8-10 times a month. Consumers will emerge from their homes unnerved: voice authentication will be a low-stress and reliable way to access devices, whether it’s the entrance at their office building or logging on to their banking account.

5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

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In the United Kingdom, the NCSI portfolio earned a return of 59 percent from April 2007 to June 2011, and the FTSE 100 had a negative return of 6 percent.” That article also revealed that 85% of customers that had a good relationship with the bank increased their commitment.

Southwest Airlines Ranked Top for Customer Experience

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Southwest has earned the highest score for airlines every year since the Ratings began in 2011, with the exception of 2015 when JetBlue came in first. Southwest Airlines delivers the best customer experience in the airline industry, according to the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings.

Innov8tif to Integrate ID R&D Passive Facial Liveness for Remote Customer Onboarding and Digital ID Verification

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EMAS eKYC is a service available to companies in banking, financial services, and telecommunications, where accurate and quick customer identity proofing and verification is the foundational element of the customer journey.

Unleashing Agent Retention in Contact Centers: Top Experts Reveal Secrets

Call Center Coach

She is responsible for a team of 30 plus banking professionals along with a team of 9, providing procedural support to associates across 120+ offices. She was awarded Volunteer of the Year from the High Point Chamber of Commerce in 2011 and 2013 for her work in her community.

Guest Blog: Five important trends impacting customer service today and into 2019


Pelorus Associates has authored comprehensive market research reports on workforce management software since 2011. If you think you’re getting a little more love from your bank, you might be correct.

When Employee Engagement Goes Wrong

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Wells Fargo was embroiled in a massive scandal when it was revealed that over a four year period, thousands of employees had opened approximately two million bank and credit card accounts for customers without the customer’s permission – or even their knowledge.

The Case FOR Customer Experience as a Business Strategy

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Those who had poor CX performance lagged behind the index by almost 20% - Watermark Investment Consulting Consistency: In the UK, a £100 investment in the National Consumer Satisfaction Index fund in 2007 would have by June 2011 returned £159 whilst the same investment in the FTSE 100 would have returned just £94.

Customer Centricity has to be an Intrinsic Principle: an Exclusive Interview with Mr. Rohit M A, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Cloudnine

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Banks were not willing to work with us because we could not provide enough collaterals for leverage. The next lap of the journey began in 2011 when Matrix Partners made its first investment with us.

The Customer Experience ‘7 Year Itch’! A frank and honest assessment of the CX profession


However, it was not until 2011, with the creation of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), that the role became officially recognised as a profession.

Promoting the Power and Potential of PSIM

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The report revealed that approximately $150 million of revenue was earned for PSIM solutions during 2011, and it predicted exponential growth, with a potential market sizing of $2.8 From our experience, a number of early adopters of PSIM in banking, airports, and mass transit are already realizing the benefits.

Five Essentials of Customer Service Excellence


It can be useful to have a bank of pre-written statements with pertinent information in them, to insert into text, This particularly important when health, safety or legal issues are discussed. This post is an update of one that was published on C³Centricity in December 2011.

Social Media is the Fastest Channel for Customer Service According to New Research

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Banking, which averaged 84% of questions answered on the web, only responded to a single email, while the insurance sector answered 80% of emails but just 45% of online questions.

Evolution of the support rep: from outsourced to in-office


Specifically, ever since the introduction of fibre optic cabling, a new kind of support system evolved: the outsourced helpdesk (most notably in the healthcare, financial and banking sectors). The customer support rep role has travelled the world and back.

What is Customer Experience Improvement?


If not, facilitate a knowledge bank of lessons learned and make it easy for employees to access it. 1 Forrester VoC Award 2011, Adobe. What is Customer Experience Improvement? Lynn Hunsaker. What more could you wish for than 288% higher lifetime value of your key accounts?

What Customers Want Today. (And How to Give It To Them!)


According to the latest report from The Institute of Customer Service on customer satisfaction across Europe, retail, insurance and banking are the three best performing industries. This post is an update of one that was first published on C3Centricity in 2011.

NICE Shines Spotlight on 2014 PSAPs’ Finest at APCO

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He was the PCC’s organizer and lead person in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 fundraisers to fight against prostate cancer. His efforts in 2011 helped raise over $4000 for prostate cancer research. At Christmas time, the SRFECC also serves as a collection center for the UC Davis Medical Center Firefighter’s Burn Unit, the Sacramento Food Bank, the Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home, and the Marines Toys for Tots programs.

Contact Center Technologies 2017: find out what 23 experts say


In 2011 Gartner predicted that. I’ve seen several big wins in the banking industry. Tweet.