From 2008 to Today, and Back to the 80s: C3 2018 Day 2 Highlights


From 2008 to Today, and Back to the 80s: C3 2018 Day 2 Highlights. . After a look at how we got here, CEO Mark Bishof took the stage to discuss why customer insights really matter and what value they present to business. From Customer-Focused to Customer-Led at USA TODAY.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of January 22, 2018


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. 10 Customer Experience Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2018 by Ronak Meghani. Harvard Business Review) Customer service seems like common sense for businesses.

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Show and Sell: 3 Ways Customer Service can be Used as an Effective Marketing Tool


Customer service is often not seen as the effective marketing tool that it is. And yet, limiting customer service’s definition to that superficial definition ignores a big part of its potential. So, how exactly does custom service feed into marketing?

SimpleBills makes their customer service experience complete with Talkdesk


Founded in 2008, SimpleBills got its start when two college roommates saw the need for a utility bill-splitting service. Since then, they have expanded to serve more than 125,000 monthly customers in over 170 markets in 46 states across the U.S.

Customer Service Gone Wrong

Ann Michaels and Associates

People love reading about bad customer service stories. They go viral because we’ve all been there – on the phone desperately needing help from customer service, or waiting in an endless line at the airport. The Bottom Line: Always Put your Customers First.

Amazing Business Radio: Nate Spears


Nate Spears on Providing Exceptional Customer Service. Shep speaks with customer service evangelist and Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of ClearSource, Nate Spears, about providing exceptional customer service.

5 Ways to Improve Customer Service for Your Lending Business

CSM Magazine

In this context, customer service is crucial to attract and retain clients and do good business. Improving customer service for lending businesses is vital. Why Is Customer Care Crucial for Lending Businesses? Your customer service agents should be available 24/7.

Customer Service Fast Facts

TMP Direct

Customer Service Fast Facts. Loss of customer loyalty: “Contact centers leave 18% of customers with unresolved issues. More than half of customers with unresolved issues (56%) are at risk of defection, or have already decided to leave.”

Customer Service Trends to Look for in 2017


We hope your customer service department saw a lot of improvements in 2016. In this article, we’re going to give you a sneak peak at some of the customer experience trends that you can expect to see in the new year, and some tips on how you can put them into practice.

National Customer Service Week Hero for Thursday

Chip Bell

How would you feel if the grand opening of your new upscale steakhouse restaurant was in the fall of 2008? The post National Customer Service Week Hero for Thursday appeared first on Chip R. Innovative Service Customer Experience restaurant serviceAs your doors were opening, the Dow was falling 3600 points. Discretionary income was suddenly zero. And, your patronage was only 10% of what normal time would have produced.

Great Ideas in Customer Service


1.Show Off Your Customer Service Team. If your customer service received great ratings from customers, don’t just hide in some backpages. Take the last 20 or so customer reviews and make it the focus of attention on your customer service page. Not only will this give prospective customers confidence in your company, but it will also reaffirm the belief that you have in your customer service team.

5 Things We Can Learn From Amazon’s Approach to Customer Service


While these facts are undeniably fascinating and enviable, the biggest attribute to their success is their incomparable customer service. According to USA Today, Amazon was the #1 company for customer service last year. Be Customer-Centric. Customer Service

Be as Easy as Ordering a Pizza


In 2008 Domino’s was struggling and their brilliant leadership turned the company around. They also revolutionized their process and started building technology into the customer experience. What can you do to be more convenient for your customers?

5 Things We Can Learn From Amazon’s Approach to Customer Service


While these facts are undeniably fascinating and enviable, the biggest attribute to their success is their incomparable customer service. According to USA Today, Amazon was the #1 company for customer service last year. Be Customer-Centric. Customer Service

The Force Within


I’m often asked, “How many people in an organization does it take to create a culture focused on Customer Amazement?” I wrote about this in my book The Cult of the Customer (Wiley 2008), and the example I used was that of an airline employee.

How MEC Put the Customer First During its Rebrand


Customers came to MEC stores to buy the best hiking, rock climbing, and back-woods skiing gear. Back in 2008, then CEO David Labistour looked at the tea leaves and saw that “the times they were a-changin.’” They doubled down on a customer-first mentality. Ah, the great outdoors.

Amazing Business Radio: Daniel Ramsey


How to Stay Productive and Deliver Amazing Customer Experiences from Far Away. They discuss strategies for adapting to a remote workforce without sacrificing productivity, connection or the customer experience. Your employees and customers are nervous, uncertain and even scared.

Morale 242

Agents make it possible to support a life-saving cause


Since 2008, Liveops has supported SU2C’s biannual fundraising telethon by speaking with donors and processing donations. Agent quality Customer service Liveops Nation agent newsEach day someone’s life is touched in some way by cancer. Too many of us have lost loved ones to the disease but one organization, Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) , is 100% dedicated to changing this worldwide epidemic and Liveops is honored to have been a part of their efforts.

Call Centres Coming Home: How Technology Can Smooth the Move

CSM Magazine

This has been coupled with examples of increasing customer dissatisfaction with the services provided by foreign call centres. In some instances, agents can be kept away from talking to new customers whilst they transcribe previous calls for auditing services.

MiFID II: What Do You Need to Know?


Sheila McGee-Smith is a leading communications industry analyst and strategic consultant with a proven track record in new product development, competitive assessment, market research, and sales strategies for customer care solutions and services.

8 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Live Help


Whether you’re an online business or a brick and mortar store, being able to provide great customer service is important to the success of your company. Live help is a software as a service that allows businesses to chat, in real-time, with customers who visit their website.

Evolution of the support rep: from outsourced to in-office


The customer support rep role has travelled the world and back. Customer service was one of these areas. His outsourced hires were acting directly as customer support reps for his old business BrainQUICKEN. A customer had an item held at customs.

Customer Value Investment by Gautam Mahajan: A Tool to Understand Customer ROI

The Center for Client Retention

What exactly is the value of a customer? Associates who work for companies on the frontline somewhat get it, but in reality they do not see the customer as an asset that can either be increased or diminished over time. The customer is a person and has to be known and touched.

New Customer Payment Options Take the Headache out of PCI Dss Compliance for Contact Centers

CSM Magazine

With card fraud and identify theft continuing to hit the headlines, Jason Roos, CEO of Cirrus , discusses how call centers can navigate the options to ensure both PCI DSS compliance and the best possible customer experience. Customer Service Articles

8 Key Stats to Prove Customer Experience Delivers ROI

Beyond Philosophy

The slogan resurfaced in the 2008 campaign as “It’s the economy, stupid.”. I decided that for people working in Customer Experience, we needed a way to stay on message, too. Measuring your results is vital to your success in Customer Experience. Blogs Customer Experience

Guest Post: Why Anecdotal Customer Feedback is Dangerous


He shares insight on gaining and interpreting customer feedback. Customer feedback is a gift. Indeed, customers are doing you an enormous favor by taking the time to alert you to a problem when it occurs, or to their happiness, when that’s the outcome.

Amazing Business Radio: Adam Dorrell


How do you use the Net Promoter Score® to retain your customers? How can you sell the C-Suite on the benefits of investing in Customer Retention? Top Takeaways: A repeat customer will do more business with you than a new customer. Repeat customers spend more.

[Webinar] Measuring Customer Effort: How to stop relying on post-call surveys and start listening for it instead


In 2008, the research team at CEB (now Gartner) surfaced a new measure, the Customer Effort Score (CES), that would change the way CX leaders evaluated the impact of customer service interactions on customer loyalty.

A Closer Look at MiFID II Recording Requirements


This EU legislation serves as a much-needed upgrade from the original MiFID, enacted in 2004, and addresses key issues that resulted from the 2008 global financial crisis. If your business is involved in financial services in any way—even if it’s not your main focus (i.e.

7 Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Customer Focused Marketing


It’s important to follow customer service trends because these days, customers can easily jump ship to another brand without a second guess. In this second half of 2019, We’ll show you the customer service trends you need to follow if you’re yet to do so.

Guest Blog: In the CX world, tracking these metrics is a way of life!


This week we feature an article by Bikash Mohanty about how important customer experience metrics are to your business. Companies that track and measure their customer service have a competitive advantage. seconds in 2008 with a mind boggling 19.19 Customer Churn Rate.

Is Trust Really an Emotion? Generally,Yes…And It Is Critical In Customer-Supplier Relationship…Just Ask Banks!

Beyond Philosophy

As regards both b2b and b2c customer-supplier relationships, lack of confidence and belief is driven by insecurity and egotism, and ability to be confident is based on feelings of safety and acceptance. Customer behavior research studies consistently show that elements of vendor trust, represented by image and reputation, are significant drivers of loyalty and disloyalty, advocacy and alienation, bonding and rejection.

Traits of the best call centers Part II

TMP Direct

The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) is one of the call center industry’s most respected organizations. They build plans and services around evolving customer expectations.”. They redefine and reshape the services they provide to meet the needs of customers.

Why focusing on CX is key at times of change


Showing the speed of change, in 2008 the five largest global companies were PetroChina, Exxon, General Electric, China Mobile and ICBC (China). There are three key considerations – and they all have customer experience at their core: 1.

Using Plain Language & Personalization in the Contact Center for Better CX

NICE inContact

It’s plain and simple, using plain language in customer interactions is good business for your contact center. When you use plain language across the customer journey, you’re offering better customer service. Call volume increases when customers struggle to understand the information you provide. In worse cases, poor communication with customers could even lead to litigation. This will improve the self-service experience for customers.

The Hexahedron of Quality

Contact Center Geek

And it is the geometric shape that inspired a Quality Management program I was part of in 2008. In the good years we were adding new products and growing our call centers as we strived to deliver stellar customer service.

Amazon Takes Over The High Street! Are These Next?

Beyond Philosophy

Amazon is Thinking Out of the Box for Fashion Forward Customers. Customers have a week to decide if they want to keep them (and pay for them) or ship them back. Per, Retail Customer Experience, the CEO said they would close the stores because of “ persistent traffic decline.”.